ProQ Deluxe Smoking and Curing Kit (Bacon & Salmon) - includes food smoker & book.

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This is a great gift idea for a foodie and an excellent way to get you started with curing and smoking! You will need a suitable chamber to cold smoke in.

The ProQ Smoking and Curing Kit Deluxe Pack has everything you need to make your own smoked bacon & salmon! Containing enough cure for 2.5 kg of bacon and a full side of salmon, 4 sealable bags, 4 hooks, a ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, a pack of ProQ Smoking Beech Wood Dust and a pack of ProQ Smoking Maple Wood Dust (enough for roughly 40 hours of smoke), and a list of full instructions clearly explaining each step of curing and smoking. The delxue pack also includes a copy of a great book: Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo by Jo Hampson.

Please ensure that the Cold Smoke Generator is not used indoors, it can create concentrations of carbon monoxide which is odourless and can be deadly if inhaled. Use in a well-ventilated area out of wind and rain. Always remove the tea-light candle used to light the cold smoke generator once the dust has begun smouldering, the candle must be removed before inserting the generator into your chamber.

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