ProQ Titch Reverse Flow Cabinet Smoker

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The ProQ Titch Reverse Flow Smoker is a fully insulated upright cabinet smoker that�s built to last. Weighing in at 160KG and standing at just under 1.1m high, the Titch is a solid quality unit that�s extremely efficient and will cook steadily with little attention for hours on end. The cooking and fire chamber walls are 4mm plate steel which is not only great for long lasting quality but also heat retention, these chambers are then insulated using high quality heating insulation and this is all covered in another layer of steel (painted a beautiful shade of ProQ orange).

Three cooking racks are provided in the Titch which are slightly larger than a standard 2:3 Gastronorm pan measuring 380 x 410mm, and give you a great capacity to size ratio. The Titch has 4 grill spaces in total and if more capacity is required for thinner cuts like chicken pieces, wings or ribs, extra grills are available for purchase. In addition, if you cook often and hate cleaning we have stainless grills available too.

As shown in the pictures, the ProQ Reverse Flow Titch has the fire box directly beneath the cooking chamber. The fire tray itself is made from 4mm plate steel and has a built in "snake method" to prolong the burn of your charcoal and adding even more efficiency to your fuel. Below that is an ash tray for easy emptying and cleaning, as well as being a good spot to put your wood chunks for a nice smoulder.

The airflow on the Reverse Flow Titch is controlled with a 2" ball valve on the side of the firebox, this is extremely accurate and can be adjusted to the millimetre to get the exact temperature you�re looking for. In addition, we can supply a 2� ball valve adapter compatible with the FlameBoss BBQ Controller which simply screws in and attaches to your blower for peace of mind on longer cooks.

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