ProQ RF TUBBY Cabinet Smoker

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The ProQ Reverse Flow cabinet smokers (Tubby and Stretch) were designed with serious competition teams and small caterers in mind, meaning that theyメre versatile and fairly easy to move around (2-3 people can load one into a van with a set of ramps). You can also reduce the weight by removing the cook chamber door and fire grate. We recommend it for someone who smokes long and often. These units are extremely well insulated, keeping the heat in for longer and making them efficient on fuel. Weメve had 25 hours using cocoshell briquettes and a forced air system (BBQ Guru) without a top-up. Weighing in at 250KG and just 1.29m tall, the Tubby is the smaller brother of our cabinet smokers. Compact, but built to last! The Tubby comes with 3 grates as standard, and has space for 6 in a chamber with 119L volume - enough for 6 pork shoulders, or 3 large briskets (size dependant).

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