ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker

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The ProQ GFCᅠ2150 may be our smallest Commercial BBQᅠSmoker, but it shouldnメt be underestimated. Itメs still a big boy!

The ProQ GFC 2150 is the baby of our gravity feeds, but that doesn't make it a small piece of kit. Weighing in at 310KG, and measuring 1.6m long, it's not little. With a capacity for 36 racks of baby back ribs, or around 10 pork shoulders, this little GFC packs a punch!

This Commercial BBQ smoker comes with a hopper capacity of 10 - 12 kg of lumpwood charcoal and with 2ヤ thick insulation all around, ensuring that this unit can run for a full 28 hours at 225F/110C on one full load of lumpwood charcoal. Each smoker has the capacity for 9 grill grates (5 provided), giving you the space and flexibility to suit your needs.

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